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Talc Borotalco 500g
  • Talc Borotalco 500g

Borotalco Talc 500g

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Borotalco Talc 500g


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Borotalco powder, which has accompanied Italians since 1904 with its inimitable fragrance and famous green boxes, is an irreplaceable product for skin care. The very fine natural talc powder is characterized by the incomparable quality of its formula. Ideal for grooming, it absorbs fat and facilitates brushing Instructions for use: Apply the powder against the hair and insist on the oily parts such as behind the ears, the collar, the tail and the belly, then brush with your brush in boar bristles in the direction of the hairs in order to make the talc penetrate well then again against the hairs to remove the excess. You will then find an airy and voluminous hair because the talc will have absorbed the fat of the hair Good grooming!


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