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Biofood, Relax Biofood Biscuits
  • Biofood, Relax Biofood Biscuits

Biofood, Relax Biofood Biscuits

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Give your dog some well-deserved relaxation ...

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Give your dog some well-deserved relaxation with Relax Biofood biscuits!

The unique formula of Relax Biofood biscuits is based on a blend of calming herbs such as valerian, ginseng, sage, oat straw, passionflower and rosemary.

2 packages: 200g (small dogs) and 500g (large dogs)

Relax Biofood biscuits for dogs,

Recommended for dogs suffering from stress or anxiety,

Biofood Relax biscuits are made from high quality natural ingredients, such as valerian, ginseng, sage, oat straw, passionflower and rosemary, known for their relaxing properties,

This unique combination of ingredients of natural origin helps the dog to relax in exciting and/or stressful situations,

The treat format allows you to use them as a reward and easily give them to your dog,

This low-fat biscuit can be given to diabetic or overweight dogs,

No side effects or addiction,

The fibers present promote digestion and contribute to the balance of the intestinal flora by promoting the presence of beneficial bacteria in the intestine,

Relax biscuits combine effectiveness with deliciousness, they can be used regularly,

Ideal in various situations, these biscuits can be used for socialization, during an appointment with the veterinarian and in all situations that can generate anxiety,

2 packages: 200g recommended for small dogs and 500g recommended for large dogs,

Characteristics of Relax Biofood biscuits:

De-stressing and soothing properties thanks to the combined effect of plants,

Low in fat, they are also suitable for diabetic and overweight dogs.

Easy to give,

Easy digestion,

Without chemical additives,

Product of natural origin,

Premium quality,


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