Spray démêlant bi-phase Anju beauté
  • Spray démêlant bi-phase Anju beauté

Anju beauty bi-phase detangling spray

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Anju beauty bi-phase detangling spray

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A spray format for this instant antistatic detangler formulated with a two-phase emulsion of volatile cosmetological silicone, and an aqueous phase. Its effectiveness allows you to find an impeccable coat without pulling out the slightest hair. Non-toxic and non-allergic, does not stain the fur, it is safe to use. The combined action of silicone and its aqueous phase acts at the heart of the hair, activating detangling, facilitating brushing and combing while moisturizing the fur and maintaining shine. BI-PHASE can be used dry on the tangled part(s) as often as necessary, and preferably before shampooing to facilitate grooming. We recommend using it regularly between baths when brushing to remove or prevent tangles. Instructions for use: Shake before use, spray, make it penetrate then detangle preferably on dry hair. Can be used on damp hair before drying. It is recommended to use it regularly between baths, when brushing to eliminate or avoid my knots. Breeds: All breeds of dogs and cats with long or semi-long hair whose fur needs to be slightly disentangled. For very tangled hair, see ABSOLUTE.


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